Every Billiards Movie, TV Show, and Short Film

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All titles that are in blue have been reviewed in this blog and are linked to the original post. If you’re aware of a title that should be listed, please let me know.  In addition this list, I have identified more than 125 movies with notable billiards scenes and more than 30 commercials featuring billiards.

Every Billiards Movie

  1. Bad Boy (1935)
  2. The Hustler (1961)
  3. There Are No Thieves in This Village (1965, Mexico, original title: En este pueblo no hay ladrones)
  4. Operacion Carambola (1968, Mexico)
  5. The Player (1971)
  6. Wandering Ginza Butterfly (1971, Japan, original title: Gincho wataridori)
  7. Carambola (1974, Italy)Carambola - Billiards Movie
  8. Carambola, Filotto…Tutti en Boco (1975, Italy)
  9. Festival at the Poolroom (1975, Israel, original title: Hagiga B’Snuker)
  10. Three-Card Monte (1978, Canada)
  11. The Baltimore Bullet (1980)
  12. The Pool Hustlers (1983, Italy, original title: Io, Chiara e lo Scuro)
  13. Karambolage (1983, Austria)
  14. The Baron and the Kid (1984)
  15. Casablanca, Casablanca (1985, Italy)
  16. El Embustero (1985, Mexico)
  17. Number One (1985, UK)
  18. Joshua Then and Now (1985)
  19. Isa-Isa Lang! (1985, Philippines)
  20. Equals Against Devils (1985, Hong Kong, original title: Huo ping lang zi)
  21. The Color of Money (1986)
  22. Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire(1987, UK)
  23. Hard Knuckle (1987, Australia)
  24. Bye Bye Baby (1988, Italy)
  25. The Understudy: Graveyard Shift II (1988, Canada)
  26. Story of One Billiard-Room (1988, Russia, original title: Istoriya odnoy bilyardnoy komandi)
  27. Kiss Shot (1989)
  28. Legend of the Dragon (1991, Hong Kong, original title: Long de chuan ren)
  29. A Paradise Without Billiards (1991, Sweden, original title: Ett Paradis Utan Biljard)
  30. Duplet (1992, Latvia, original title: Дуплет)
  31. White Goods (1994, UK)
  32. Chalk (1996)
  33. The Cuemaster (1997, Italy, original title: Il Tocco: la Sfida)
  34. Klassik (1998, Russia)Klassik - Billiards Movie
  35. Mr. Quindicipalle (1998, Italy, original title: Il signor Quindicipalle)
  36. Pool Hall Master (1998)
  37. Stickmen (2001, New Zealand)
  38. Running Out (2001)
  39. Poolhall Junkies (2003)
  40. Behind the Nine (2003)
  41. Pakners (2003, Philippines)
  42. Go For Zucker (2004, Germany, original title: Alles auf Zucker!)
  43. Up Against the 8 Ball (2004)
  44. Carambola (2005, Mexico)
  45. Shooting Gallery (2005)
  46. Kisses & Caroms (2006)
  47. Virgin Pockets (2007)
  48. Seven Billiards Tables (2007, Spain, original title: Siete Mesas de Billar Frances)
  49. Turn the River (2007)
  50. The Road Scholars (2010)
  51. Behind the Eight Ball (2010, Canada)8 Ball Movie
  52. The Pool Hustler (2011)
  53. 9-Ball (2012)
  54. Second Chance (2014, Taiwan)
  55. The Road Scholars 2: The Final Chapter (2014)
  56. Masse (2015)
  57. The Rack Pack (2016, UK)
  58. Perfect Break (in post-production, UK)
  59. 8 Ball (in production)
  60. Ride the 9 (in production)
  61. Raising the Hustler (in production)
  62. HeartBreak (in production)
  63. Break (in production, UK)
  64. From Hustler to Champion (defunct)
  65. The Fisher Queens (defunct, UK)

Every Billiards Short Film

  1. The Devil’s Billiards Table (1910, France)
  2. Calino joue au billard (1910, France)
  3. A Game of Pool (1913)
  4. Pool Sharks (1915)
  5. Ko-Ko Plays Pool (1927)
  6. Harry Tate in ‘Billiards’ (1934, UK)
  7. Take a Cue (1939)The Cuemaker - Billiards Documentary
  8. Champion of the Cue (1945)
  9. Super Cue Men: A Pete Smith Specialty (1948)
  10. “Cue Ball Cat,” Tom and Jerry (1950)
  11. Table Toppers: A Pete Smith Specialty (1950)
  12. The Willie Mosconi Story: A Pete Smith Specialty (1952)
  13. Columbia World of Sports: The Willie Hoppe Story (1954)
  14. Donald in Mathmagic Land (1959)
  15. Wilson Jones, (1971, India)
  16. The Billiard Room (1972, Australia)
  17. “Naughty Number Nine,” Schoolhouse Rock! (1973)
  18. “The Hustler of Money,” Saturday Night Live (1987)
  19. Pichitas: A Costa Rican Pool Documentary (1992)
  20. The History of Pool (1994)
  21. Lemon Tree Billiards House (1996)
  22. Snooker (2000, UK)
  23. Gamblin’ (2000)
  24. The Chalk Up (2003, Ireland)
  25. Billard (2004, Switzerland)
  26. A Game of Pool (2004)
  27. Boogie Billiards (2005)
  28. Bully Billiards (2006)
  29. Nineball (2007, Philippines)Death Billiards - Billiards Movie
  30. 8 Ball (2007)
  31. Fratelli Breaks (2007)
  32. Nine-ball (2008, Sweden)
  33. Pool Pool – Unreel Sports #11 (2008)
  34. In the Billiard Room (2008)
  35. Rack ‘Em Up (2008)
  36. Pool Talk (2009)
  37. 9-Ball for Dummies (2009)
  38. 8 Ball (2011)
  39. Pool Shark Precepts (2011)
  40. Pool and Life (2011)
  41. Discover Science – “Let’s Play Long Billiards” (2011, Canada)
  42. Billiard Raum (2011, Germany)
  43. 8-Ball (2012, Australia)
  44. The Cuemaker (2012)
  45. 30 Days and a Night (2012)
  46. Break (2012, Czech Republic)
  47. Chalked (2013?)
  48. 8 Ball (2013)
  49. Death Billiards (2013, Japan)billiards short films
  50. The Players (2013)
  51. 8 Ball Stud (2013)
  52. The Billiard Ball (2013)
  53. Black Balled (2013)
  54. Lucky Break (2013, Ireland)
  55. The Strickland Story (2013)
  56. Chasing Wincardona (2013)
  57. Ali Carter: The Unbeatable (2014, UK)
  58. Trick Shot (2015)
  59. Extended Rest (2015UK)
  60. Tough Break (2015)
  61. Pool Hall (2015)
  62. The Break (2015, UK)
  63. By the Baize (2015, India)
  64. Minions – “Banana in a Billiard Table” (2016)
  65. Steve Davis: Snookerstar DJ (2016, UK)
  66. Manitoba Sharks (in production, Canada)
  67. Breakin Balls (in production)

List of Billiards Web Series

  1. “Pool Shark,” Odd Noggin Land (2009)14 Days Great Pool Experiment - billiards movies
  2. Kiss of Death (2010)
  3. 8 for Vegas (2012)
  4. Sharks (2012)
  5. “Billiards,” Benrat (2013, China)
  6. 14 Days – The Great Pool Experiment (2013, ongoing)
  7. “Pool Sharks,” Vid & Limone (2015, UK)
  8. The Break (2015)
  9. Gotham City Grind (2016)

List of Billiards TV Episodes

  1. “Pool Hall,” Martin and Lewis (1955)
  2. “Pool Table,” Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1956)
  3. “The Bensonhurst Bomber,” The Honeymooners (1956)
  4. “Opportunity Knocks,” The Honeymooners (1956)
  5. “Ten-Twenty” (game show, 1959)
  6. “Goodbye Johnny,” Alcoa Theater (1959)
  7. “That Stands for Pool,” Mr. Lucky (1959)
  8. “The Pool Shark,” Shotgun Slade (1960)
  9. “Shattered Idol,” The Rifleman (1961)Ed the Pool Player
  10. “A Game of Pool,” Twilight Zone (1961)
  11. “Hustling the Hustler,” The Dick Van Dyke Show (1962)
  12. “Ed the Pool Player,” Mr. Ed (1964)
  13. “Charley, the Pigeon,” My Three Sons (1965)
  14. “Fathers and Daughters,” “A Gift of Love,” “The Tent Dwellers” and ” Going Home,” Dr. Kildare (1965)
  15. “Pool Shark,” My Living Doll (1965)
  16. “The Dead Spy Scrawls,” Get Smart (1966)
  17. Minnesota Fats Hustles the Pros (game show, 1967)
  18. Celebrity Billiards with Minnesota Fats (game show, 1968)
  19. “Lucy and the Pool Hustler,” The Lucy Show (1968)
  20. “Side Pocket,” Ironside (1968)
  21. “Love and the Hustler,” Love, American Style (1969)
  22. “Pot Black,” Steptoe and Son (1970, UK)
  23. “Help, Help, a Shark,” I Dream of Jeannie (1970)
  24. “Armando and the Pool Table,” The Flying Nun (1970)
  25. “Break!,” Mission: Impossible (1972)
  26. “Archie is Cursed,” All in the Family (1973)
  27. “Spot Black,” The Benny Hill Show (1973, UK)
  28. “Pool Shark,” The Beachcombers (1973, Canada)
  29. “A House is not a Poolroom,” Sanford & Son (1973)Celebrity Billiards
  30. “The Hustler,” The Odd Couple (1973)
  31. “Cowtown Hustler,” Gunsmoke (1974)
  32. “Getting up the Rent,” Good Times (1974)
  33. “The Hustler,” The Brady Bunch (1974)
  34. “The Song,” The Waltons (1975)
  35. “The Usurper,” Vega$ (1979)
  36. “Alex Higgins,” This Is Your Life (1981, UK)
  37. “A Little Game of Pool,” The Dukes of Hazzard (1982)
  38. “The Hustler,” The New Odd Couple (1982)
  39. “Eight Ball,” The Fall Guy (1983)
  40. Give Us a Break (1983, UK)
  41. “The Hustler,” The New Show (1984)
  42. Pot the Question (1984, game show, UK)
  43. “Snooker,” Ever Decreasing Circles (1984, UK)
  44. Ballbreakers (1985, game show)
  45. “Tornado,” Mr. Belvedere (1985)
  46. “The Color of Hammer,” Sledge Hammer! (1987)
  47. “Champion of the Green Baize,” The Wind in the Willows (1987)
  48. “Pool Sharks,” Monsters (1988)
  49. “The Two Tonys,” Who’s the Boss? (1988)
  50. “A Game of Pool,” The Twilight Zone (1989, remake)Nine Ball - Billiards TV
  51. “Minnesota Vicki,” Small Wonder (1989)
  52. “Wedding Bell Blues,” Friday the 13th (1989)
  53. “Pool Hall Blues,” Quantum Leap (1990)
  54. “Fast Eddie Winslow,” Family Matters (1990)
  55. “Banks Shot,” The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1991)
  56. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Full House (1991)
  57. “Behind the Eight Ball,” Top of the Heap (1991)
  58. “Cheese, Cues and Blood,” Married With Children (1991)
  59. Big Break (1991-2002, game show, UK)
  60. “Double or Nothing,” Red Shoe Diaries (1992)
  61. “The Colour of Mary,” Lovejoy (1993, UK)
  62. “Billiard,” Pat & Mat (1994, Czech Republic)
  63. Tenball (1995, tournament series, UK)
  64. “Van Hammersly,” Mr. Show (1996)
  65. “Martin in the Corner Pocket,” Martin (1995)
  66. “Another Saturday Night,” Living Single (1995)
  67. “Pool Table,” Furniture to Go (1996)
  68. “Pool Sharks Git Bit,” Steve Harvey Show (1996)
  69. “Student Court,” Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1996)
  70. “City Slackers,” Boy Meets World (1996)
  71. “What You Won’t Cue For Love,” Steve Harvey Show (1998)Fear Factor
  72. “The Hustler,” Mad TV (1999)
  73. “Pool,” The Pretender (1999)
  74. “Water Park,” Malcolm in the Middle (2000)
  75. “Pool Shark,” Rainbow Fish (2000)
  76. “Do the Hustle,” Dharma & Greg (2001)
  77. “Billiards for Gross Eats,” Fear Factor (2002)
  78. “Cue the Pool Shark,” New Woody Woodpecker Show (2002)
  79. “Beat the Shark,” Dog Eat Dog (2002)
  80. When Snooker Ruled the World (2002, UK)
  81. “Prince of Billiards,” Prince of Tennis (2003, Japan)
  82. “The Hustler,” A Minute with Stan Hooper (2003)
  83. “The New Kid in Town,” The Jersey (2003)
  84. “Billiards as an Art Form,” Blank Surfaces (2003)
  85. “Manic Munday,” Murphy’s Law (2003, UK)
  86. “Nang Mangarap Ang Madyikero,” Magpakailanman (2004, Philippines)
  87. “Billiards,” Hands on History (2004)
  88. “Pool Shark,” Drake & Josh (2004)
  89. 9-Ball (2005, series, Taiwan)
  90. “Puzzles and Pool Cues,” The Genuine Article (2005)
  91. Bikini Pool Shark (2006)
  92. “Snooker Commentators,” That Mitchell and Webb Look (2007, UK)
  93. “Samurai Sword Master,” Time Warp (2008)
  94. “Snooker Hall,” The Wrong Door (2008, UK)
  95. “Painters, Pool & Pink,” Cake Boss (2009)
  96. “Efren Reyes,” Probe Profiles (2009, Philippines)
  97. King of Snooker (2009, series, Hong Kong)
  98. “ESPN Classic: 1991 Ladies Billiards Tournament,” Saturday Night Live (2009)
  99. “Rolling Stone Snooker Table/Aliens,” Auction Kings (2010)
  100. “Shaun Goes Potty,” Shaun the Sheep (2010)
  101. “Physical Education,” Community (2010)
  102. Dragon Snooker (2011, China)
  103. “Blame it on Billiards,” Chicken Stew (2011)
  104. “Car Pool,” Hiccups (2011, Canada)
  105. “Empty Pockets,” Bar Rescue (2013)
  106. “The Legend of Old McReadie,” You, Me & Them (2013, UK)
  107. “Pussy on the Chain Wax,” Key & Peele (2013)
  108. “Snooker,” Nina & the Neurons – Get Sporty (2014, Scotland)
  109. “Billiards,” Let’s Talk English (2014, Canada)Fairy Tail
  110. “The Game Must Go On,” KikiOriki (2014, Russia)
  111. “Behind the Eight Ball,” Mystery Diners (2014)
  112. “Hustler vs Magician,” Magic Kaito 1412 (2014, Japan)
  113. “Dead Rails,” CSI (2014)
  114. “Moulin Rouge,” Fairy Tail (2014, Japan)
  115. “The Hustlers” (2015)
  116. “Keep ‘Em Separated,” Fresh Off the Boat (2016)
  117. Ultimate Pool Sharks (in production)
  118. American Hustle (in production)
  119. The Pool Hustlers (defunct)
  120. Pool, Poker & Pain (defunct)
  121. American Road Player (defunct)
  122. She Sharks (defunct)
  123. Diaries of Pool Hustlers (defunct)
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18 thoughts on “Every Billiards Movie, TV Show, and Short Film

  1. Stan Eakins

    One of my favorite scenes is Burt Lancaster in the 1956 movie “Rainmaker”. Burt breaks out in song……….”Let me tell you about the evils of pool”. I believe Burt is a pool shark but the movie is not about pool….. However he will make it rain for $100.00.

    Another Burt scene is brief ……….in “Wyatt Earp” His brother is shot thru a window while they are playing pool. His brother is sprawled out bleeding on the pool table. Oh how I would love to own that old table today!
    My computer background is an 1875 Brunswick…… I love those old tables!

    1. Jason Moss Post author

      These clips sound great, Stan. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to find them on YouTube so I can tweet about them. Let me know if you stuble across them. Would love to see that pool table you reference.

  2. Robert J Rasmussen

    Regarding pool related TV episodes, I’m happy you included Gunsmoke’s Cowtown Hustler starring the late Jack Albertson. The original Twilight Zone’s A Game of Pool has a great Faustian premise, but some truly mediocre pool playing, which is too bad because the TZ directors usually didn’t make mistakes like this.

    I would suggest including Season 1, Episode 9 of The Beverly Hillbillies, an episode titled Elly’s First Date (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu1ycX6lma4). I believe those are Meucci cues Jed and all his kin are using as pot-passers and meat-stabbers (ha ha).

    There’s also an episode from the 1961 to 1966 TV show, Hazel, namely Hazel’s Free Enterprise, that includes pool. Hazel, the maid, played by Oscar winning Shirley Booth, hustles her boss, Mr. B, played by Don DeFore, on his brand new home pool table with her two-piece cue she had hid from him.

    Also, RKO Pathe’s Sportscope series produced a short called Q-Men that can be found here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJnrQBLTi_k). It stars Charlie Peterson, Willie Hoppe and a young Irving Crane.

    Lastly, readers my also be interested in this Fox News Silent (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFFCoDoydP4).

    1. Jason Moss Post author

      Robert, thank you for all your comments. You have given me quite the education and proven to me that just when I think my list is (near) complete, there are a dozen new titles waiting to be discovered (by me). As you may have scene, I run a contest (http://www.billiardsmovies.com/freebilliardssupplies/), sponsored by PoolDawg, to give free pool supplies to people who introduce me to missing titles. Congratulations on being a winner! I will reach out to you separately via email with the details.

  3. Joshua burke

    Hi there,
    I’m hoping you can help me out, I’m trying to remember this movie bout pool hustling would of been in the nineties and all I can remember in it is a scene where a guy makes a bet with a drinking game with two guys both of them have a shot each and he has a schooner of beer, he bets them that he can finish his beer befor they can finish their shots . That’s all I can remember from it really hope you can thanks.

  4. Andrew Denis

    Absolutely wonderful site and a really great list. You are a true devotee! I am probably missing something, but there are a bunch of movies and other sources I can think of that I don’t see on the list, such as the ones below. Am I missing something related to your question?

    Hands of History – Billiards
    Billiards as an Art Form
    and various others

    Lots of shorts and TV shows with pool in them as well, which are not listed, like:
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Road House
    Let’s Talk English
    and various others…

    BTW, I am not sure if you know, but there is a movie being made now called “9-Ball: The Movie” about a women escaping hustling to become a pro player.

    Some pretty good pool/billiards video games are finally available too– some of which are a lot of fun and can be very helpful in terms of their ability to isolate play and strategy via simulation.

    Anyway, I apologize if I missed the spirit of your question, or if I missed any listings that you already had.

    1. Jason Moss Post author

      Andrew, thanks so much for the positive feedback. Great to meet a fellow devotee. I thought I would respond to the movies you suggested:

      8-Pallo: My understanding is this movie, though named 8-Ball in Finnish, has nothing to do with billiards. Have you seen it? Let me know if that is not accurate.

      Hands on History – Billiards: That’s a good one! I will add it to my list.

      Blank Surfaces – Billiards as an Art Form: Another good one!

      Sweet Home Alabama: I would not define this as a billiards movie, but because of it’s billiards scene, I will include it on my other “Billiards Scenes” list (http://www.billiardsmovies.com/billiards-scenes/)

      Road House: Same as above. This is already listed at http://www.billiardsmovies.com/billiards-scenes/

      Let’s Talk English – Billiards: Man, you’re good. I will add this.

      9-Ball: The Movie: This sounds like the movie that came out in 2012. I posted about it here: http://www.billiardsmovies.com/billiards-movies-2/9-ball-billiards-movie/

      Keep them coming. Also, let me know the best way to email you. I have a gift certificate from PoolDawg to send you. Thanks so much.

  5. Michael Lisak

    Hi Jason,
    I sent you a bunch a year ago, or so, and I have a few more pool themed tv episodes:
    Stan Hooper, The Hustler, 11-12-03
    Friday The 13th, Wedding Bell Blues, 5-15-89
    Will & Grace, My Uncle The Car, 2-15-01.
    I do have the Shotgun Slade episode on vhs, and I could put it on dvd and send it to you.
    If there are any other of the episodes that you want, I could put more on the dvd.
    I should have every episode that I sent you.

  6. wayne

    i remember an old black n white movie – cant member name – but maybe you have put it in cause i dont remember the name – oldish car driving around gets to a place and plays – wins and it more or less goes on like this – looked good play at the time

  7. Pingback: A list of every billiards movie and TV show

  8. Jay Gumbs

    I have never seen any of these but I’m going to hunt these down and start looking at them.

    There’s a bad ass pool scene in “Harley Davidson and the Malboro Man (1991)”. Not a pool movie but not sure if you know about the scene or seen the movie.

  9. Billy

    Hi all,

    I remember some years ago watching a film where the two main characters ended up playing a match where they had to post a large number of balls. Say 1000 or so. They had to reach this number of pots before the other but when they missed the other came to the table.

    Does anyone else remember this film and would you be able to tell me the name of the film¿


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