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Do you want to win $20 in FREE billiards supplies?

There are currently 228 titles on my list of every billiards movie, TV episode, short film, and web series.  Am I missing any?

If you see a title missing, contact me with your name, email, and the title.  I’ll check it out.  If you’re right, I’ll send you a $20 gift certificate for FREE billiards supplies, courtesy of Pooldawg, the pool player’s best friend.

Pooldawg - Billiards Movies contest

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5 thoughts on “FREE Supplies

  1. Patrick

    I really love pool movies and think your site is a great effort. Thanks for putting these together! Never heard of “Turn the river” (didn’t make it to Germany, I believe), but I will put it on my “to watch” list. Cheers!

  2. JW Camp

    Is there a channel on DirectTV that is dedicated to “Billiards”. I watch billiards on and it says BNC is a channel to watch.

    Thank you

    1. Jason Moss Post author

      To my knowledge, there is not, though there has been much discussion about such a channel over the years. I am not familiar with BNC. There is the Billiard Club Network (BNC), which posts a lot of videos on YouTube. Maybe other readers know more?

  3. JW Camp

    Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry. Yes, the BNC that you mentioned is the one that I was referring to. I heard the man say “Billiard Club Network” and I assumed it was a network that was devoted to billiards. Well, I guess I can dream on some more. ha

    Thanks again.

    Great web site and thoroughly enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.

    JW Camp


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